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Default Re: Top 2008 NBA Draft prospects

Thabeet will be maybe a decent backup I think. If people consider him a good player like they seem to do in this thread, then he will be considered a bust, but this guy has nothing to show he will be anything more than an okay pro.

I don't see Hibbert being all that much better. Hibbert may be more likely to be a starter right away, but I don't see him have that much of a better career. If Thabeet gets 7pts, 6reb, 2blks in his career, I see Hibbert as a 10pt, 7reb, 1blk kind of guy.

And Defo, I think Batum will end up being the #1 pick. He is on another level as a prospect kind of like LeBron/Oden/Durant.
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