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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Least Athletic person you've ever played with?

Who's the least the least athletic person you've ever played with? Pretty simple just describe them and why they are such, take age into account I am not talking about a 45 year old who's way past his prime, I am talking guys who should be at least be able to do somethings.
The person for me would be my brothers, brother in law, he is legit 6'7 and like 20 years old yet can only occasionally dunk, he's maybe dunked 2 times in game both on wide open fast breaks, the 3 times hes tried to dunk on me I just jumped in the way and only finished one of them that bounced around the rim for like 5 seconds, and he says he didn't want to hurt me even though he wouldn't.
I am like 6' and 3/4 barefoot 140, and 18 years old, and I have blocked so many layup attempts by him at the top of his jump its not even funny.
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