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Default Re: Least Athletic person you've ever played with?

One of the worst all-time was a dude who was probably about 17-years-old. I taught him in summer school one year. I remember one time catching him on the computer asking Jeeves what Lil' Wayne's phone number was.

Anyway, I think he showed up to an open gym one time in boots during the winter. That's a no-go, so he willingly "played" in his socks. I have no idea how and why this ever happened - it was unprecedented. We had nine real players going hard and then him.

The situation was probably best summed up when he happened upon an outlet pass beyond half-court. There was only one defender back and I was filling a lane. It was an easy "Pass & Bucket" situation. I figured even he could figure this one out. But I caught this look in his eye and according to people on the sidelines I said "Oh Jesus..." out loud. He then attempted a three-pointer from 27 feet away, missing high and to the right. It literally sailed over the backboard.

Then he asked one of our coaches for a ride home. He said he lived nearby. Took the coach 40 minutes to get him to his house.

And yeah, I know it sounds like he's just lacking in awareness but I assure you, there were some athletic deficits there too.
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