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Default Re: Stanley Johnson vs Kelly Oubre

Originally Posted by PJR
Thorpe what's your assessment on Booker? Is he a one dimensional catch and shoot guy? Or, does he have some untapped ability that he wasn't able to display playing on a loaded Kentucky squad?

I really like Booker. Truth be told I would probably take him over Stanley Johnson, depending a little on what my roster looked like. Although I was watching some combine stuff last night, and Johnson's shot may be closer than I gave him credit for, and I'm still sort of sifting through data on these guys.

But my take on Booker is that he's the best shooter in this draft. And in a league where shooting and spacing is becoming more and more important, you may be ahead of the curve by taking the draft's best shooter late lottery these days. In a few years that player profile may push you into the top ten irregardless of other flaws.
That said I do think there's some extra potential to be tapped in Booker. I'm interested to see how he measures physically. Because I totally got the impression he was not in great shape this season. He may be a guy who will grow into his body as he matures. And if his work ethic is good, an NBA training program and facilities may be something that turns a guy like this into a steal.

To me The Sixer's are desperate for shooting. And he would be a great fit for them at their second pick if he lasts. To me he may be worth using one of their second rounders to move up and get him if need be.
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