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Default Re: Stanley Johnson vs Kelly Oubre

Those are some good points that I hadn't considered about Oubre. It would make a lot of sense that an instinctual athlete like him would freeze up when asked to process a lot more information. There are just a ton of variables when it comes to judging a guys mental make-up/motor. Was he just thinking too much as a freshman? Will a more open play-style be good or bad for a guy who might have a lower motor? I do like the thought of how he fits in with Kansas' recent picks. It's a very appealing narrative.

The one thing I kind of worry about with him is that he stands out most on tape when he is being active around the hoop. Good rebounder at the 3 spot and excels when he gets inside on offense. I'd be a little scared that he might fall in love with the jumper at the NBA level given the concerns about his effort.

I think I'd just feel much safer getting a known commodity and tireless worker like Johnson. But then again, those reason are probably exactly why Johnson is consistently mocked ahead of Oubre. Once you get to past the really bad team, most GMs are looking for potential but also immediate production because in theory those teams aren't that far away from the playoffs. You know Johnson can contribute right away but the same can't be said with a ton of confidence about Oubre.
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