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Default Re: Who do you like better: Mudiay or Russell at PG?

I see his high school highlights and he looks way more explosive offensively in the world vs usa game and west vs east. He looked blinding quick in China at times. Dude chases after boards like a maniac. To me he reminds me of Westbrook on the fastbreak but with a Rondo pass-first mentality. Dude looks like he could be a ridiculous pro down the line if he gets his act together with that jumpshot of his (which I don't even think is that bad). His body is already NBA ready. He filled up very well in China.

I can see his stats when he's in his prime to be something along the lines of: 20/6/9.

I really want the Knicks to draft him if they fall out of the top 2.

I really hoped he went to SMU so we have more to work with.

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