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Originally Posted by T-Low
Honestly, I think that Toronto should trade down, pick up a vet point guard, and pick up a big guy at the same time. Also, after that, pick up Joel Pryzbilla in the FA Market. Maybe even make a trade for Jamaal Magloire. Supposedly Magloire has made it clear to his agent that playing in Toronto is one of his top priorities. In the second round, picking up Denham Brown might not be a bad deal because they could have a dynamic duo of Canadians on a Canadian Team. Honestly, who wouldn't wanna see that?

I can't believe that raps fans want either Pryz or Magloire to play for us. Pryz is terrible. One half season of rebounding and shot blocking!? That's it. He's injured all the time, can barely score and isn't even good enough when healthy to play starters mins on the worst team in the NBA! Magloire has no Offense and is also injured a lot and is one of the worst FT shooters ever. Let alone price tags upwards of $10M per year. If anyone disagrees with that price tag, Kwame Brown makes $8M per is 'nuff said.
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