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Default Re: Jerking off before a pick up game?

Jerking off sends a rush of dopamine to the brain... but it's not like cocaine for instance which is a synthetic way of getting it. You experience a subsequent low when you increase dopamine synthetically, but it is not always the case when you do it in a more natural fashion. I personally don't see any sort of consistent difference in terms of jerking off before playing... most times I don't (not for any reason just don't) but the times I have, i haven't noticed a difference. The thing that makes the most difference is whether or not I go to the gym having done a routine that already has me really warm. When I do a good stretching and warmup routine, I feel great... if I don't, it's hit and miss, but the first game is usually pretty shitty because I have to warm up. I hate that feeling personally so I always warm up properly now.
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