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Default Re: Tyrus Thomas or Gerald Green

Originally Posted by xxxSuperStar
Need them for a Kobe v Jordan thesis?
you've got me mixed up with someone who doesn't like kobe. i just dislike the lakers generally. i'm one of the jordan fans who is neither threatened nor offended by kobe-hype (until people start actively disparaging my favorite players, i don't care about the comparisons).

i'm actually interested in what larry bird meant to boston in the early 90s.

side-note on + / - in general though. i remember once seeing in a particular game that the bulls had a better point differential with scottie in than with michael in, but mike fratello broke it down showing how scottie was playing with bj, pax, grant and cartwright, while mike's second team was bj, levingston, scott williams, and purdue. i don't know if those rotations were normal or if the numbers held up over a season, but since then i haven't put a ton of stock into + / - because of the factors that we don't see in the numbers. it probably means even less when talking about guys like green who play off the bench without set rotations.
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