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Default Re: Trades That Will Make The Los Angeles Lakers Better Than They Are Now!!! Trust Me

Originally Posted by LakerRaider
Your owners love to gamble and the players going to the Sacramento Kings would probably fit in to Reggie Theus's style. Vladimir Radmanovic would fit pretty nicely with the Sacramento Kings as well as Jordan Farmar. Furthermore, they get a nice decent big man in Marc Gasol and a first rounder??? It's a win-win deal for both teams.

Lamar Odom would fit in better with the Detroit Pistons and Rasheed Wallace would fit in perfectly with the Triangle Offense.

It's a win-win situation. Both teams benefit from these trades.
bro save that lame reason for someone who doesn't know basketball bro...

I dnt care what "good reason" you give me, Their is nooooooo reason in the world that could explain having SPACE CADET on your squad and saying "he would fit."

That guy is a loser, we dnt want him on our team. He cant even crack the rotation where you have guys like Evans SMUSH and Cook on the team??? GEES! He has pathetic written all over him. Farmar would be ok but he's nothing special at all. Douby can be w.e he is, or can be ALOT better imo.

Marc Gasol????? lol please bro take it easy. We have Hawes anyway (a LOTTO pick)

Yes our owners love to gamble but their not idiots and they still hate the lakers period.

The deal that Mitch had on the table was Odom for Bibby and our owners SQUASHED THAT
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