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Default Re: Tyrus Thomas or Gerald Green

Originally Posted by saKf
johndeeregreen -

Recommend two or three Clapton albums for me to purchase, with reasons to support your choices. Then I'll purchase at least one of them and get back to you.
Unfortunately, I'm not really familiar with Clapton's stuff with the Yardbirds. Any Cream greatest hits album, "Time Pieces" (his own greatest hits, but missing some newer stuff), he's got some unbelieveable new(er) blues stuff out, the "Slowhand" album was classic, as was "Layla"... shit... I really can't decide. I'd advise grabbing one of his solo greatest hits and one of Cream's...but then you'll miss out on a lot of great cuts, like stuff from the "Unplugged" album and a lot of unreal blues tracks. Depends what you're looking for, I guess. I can't narrow it town to 20-25 tracks for a guy who's been pumping out ridiculously unreal music since my dad was a kid. Sorry, man. Whatever you get, you won't go wrong with. If he has any live albums out aside from "Unplugged" those are must-gets, too.

I just finished learning this specific performance for my guitar class. Best one I've ever seen.
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