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I like the Portland Trade Scenario in getting Jack and #4.. but for some reason I don't feel comfortable with the Raptors drafting Bargnani. I just have a feeling he's going to be a bust. I haven't seen him in game action or anything, but the thought of Nikolas Tskitishvili are the first thing that come to my head. I'd hate to see that happen to the Raptors when they finally get some luck in landing the #1 pick. In my opinion:

Trade #1 for Jack and #4
Draft Brandon Roy
Sign/Trade Mike James to Miluakee for Magloire, and #39
Draft Darius Washington with #35
Draft Denham Brown with #39
Draft A Euro with #55 and let him play overseas/NDBL

The depth Chart would look something like this
C- Magloire/Araujo/Woods
PF- Bosh/Bonner/Sow
SF- Villaneuva/Graham
SG- Peterson/Roy/Brown
PG- Jack/Calderon/Barett(not sure if he's still under contract)

In addition, they could also sign Jay Williams, he may be able to start, and if not play behind Jack. That makes Calderon tradeable. because apparently Colangelo is not a fan of his.
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