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Default Re: The lineup for 2007-2008

Originally Posted by Young HkM
Here's what I see

PG: West
SG: Durant or Green
SF: Green or Durant
PF: Wilcox
C: Swift

Durant has been playing the two in SL so I see him starting there next season

Also, I don't see the Sonics bringing Green off the bench considering this dude was basically traded for Ray Allen, plus if I was a GM I wouldn't want to interfere with a top 5 picks development by bringing him off the bench.

I'm not sure Green could ever play the two since he pretty much can't shoot.

RainierBeachPoet Quote:
Originally Posted by clipps
C- Robert Swift
F- Chris Wilcox
F- Jeff Green
G- Kevin Durant
G- Earl Watson

The Sonics should draft Roy Hibbert next summer. He would provide the Sonics with the inside presence that the Sonics really need. And also, with Hibbert, the Sonics have themselves a very large starting line-up that would create a lot of matchup problems for the opposing team

C- Roy Hibbert 7'2"
F- Chris Wilcox 6'10"
F- Jeff Green 6'8"
G- Kevin Durang 6'9"
G- Earl Watson

we'll keep an eye on hibbert this year-- thanks

dont be surprised if swift has a breakout year though

I love Hibbert, too. He could reunite with former Georgetown teammate Jeff Green and would give Seattle a nice inside-out combo with him and Durant.
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