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Default Re: You know what to do.

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
I'm judging by the name (Horiyoshi III) that it's Japanese, am I correct? If so, then yeah I agree, Japanese tattoos can be pretty amazing, I especially like the Koi tattoos they look great. Much better than all the crap you see on some people nowadays.

Yeah, I love Japanese tatts. A couple of my friends are tattooists, so I had one of them give me a half back piece with two Koi and cherryblossoms. Upward facing Koi represent wealth, downward facing Koi represent good health and cherryblossoms are symbolic of the circle of life, apparently. Horyoshi still uses the tabori technique which is a long stick with kimono needles on the end. He specialises in full body suits.
Here are his words of wisdom with a pretty cool pic of the man
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