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Default Re: that JO to the Lakers non-trade

Originally Posted by VCMVP1551
has progressed way faster than Jermaine O'Neal did at that age.
This is a ridiculous statement. Oneal was allowed to develop behind one of the best frontcourt rotations in the modern nba (sabonis - arguably the best modern center, wallace, Grant back when he was the Rasta Monster and a deep deep team). those jailblazers were probably the deepest team in the last 15+ years. Their 6-10 was better than a number of teams starting units.

Whereas Bynum has had to come in and play due to the lack of his teams quality at the 5. Hes obviously very raw and you dont work on that in the game. Hopefully he will continue to grow under kareem, but he went from being a kid with a couple of years of organized ball to being taught by kareem? There are a couple of educational steps missing there. If the lakers had been able to, I bet they would have used him as a practice player with occasional D-league stints until he understands the savvy of the game better. Great instincts, good size, athletic, but you dont learn the game by being thrust into an important oncourt role. It is generally better to make your young prospect learn it by going against sabonis, wallace, etc in practive everyday. What quality bigs does he run against in practice? Aside from his 50 yr old bigman coach?
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