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Default Re: that JO to the Lakers non-trade

Originally Posted by hotsizzle
Bynum been a bust so far? wtf are you talking about?

JO's first two years:
10.2 MPG (avg 4/3 and 0.6 blocks on 45%)
13.5 MPG (avg 4/3 and 1 block on 48%)

He was 19 and 20 yrs old

Bynum's first two years:
2.0 MPG (avg 2/2)
21.9 MPG (avg 8/6 and 1.6 blocks on 56%)

He was 18 and 19 yrs old.

Look if you want to predict that Bynum wont be as good as O'neal or will flat out not get anywhere...go ahead but to label him a bust at this stage is just ignorant.
I wholeheartedly agree. But I think the numbers reinforce my point. Bynum was forced into a larger role (whether through injury or whatever) that was really good for him. In the long run, especially with his limited pre-nba organized bball experience, I think that will hurt him.
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