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Larry Hughes Stats with Last 3 years.

03-04 WAS .397- FG % 5.3 REBS 2.4 ASSTS 1.56 STLS 18.8 PPG
04-05 WAS .430- FG% 6.3 REBS 4.7 ASSTS 2.89 STLS 22.0 PPG
05-06 CLE .409 FG% .368 4.5 REBS 3.6 ASSTS 1.47 STLS 15.5 PPG

As you can see his 04-05 stats are what the Cavs signed him on.

Michael Redd was the Cavs main aim that off season his stats during 04-05

04-05 MIL .441 FG% .355 3PT % 4.2 REBS 2.3 ASSTS .84 STLS 23.0 PPG

Redds PPG was only 1 point higher, yes he's more of a shooter, but Hughes averaged 2 more Steals a game, over 2 more assists, and over 2 rebounds more. Hughes looks 2 be more of a overall player, yes Redd can shoot the lights out, and LeBron needed someone like that. But don't say Hughes is a pushover, he was on the incline when he came to Cleveland. Would you give up on Amare Stoudamire now that he missed all of last year because of a bigger injury, knee, I don't think so.

We may have overpaid Hughes, but it's 2 early to tell. This year will be the defining year for the Cavs. I believe is Hughes was healthy all year the Cavs would have been pushing 7 games with the Heat in the ECFinals.
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