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Default Re: I hate Robert Horry

Originally Posted by poeticism707
I see no one has mentioned "Nash Flop." If Nash doesn't flop like a fish in the desert, then there are no suspensions. Also, Horry's foul was not nearly as hard as Nash made it look, which makes Nash's flop all the worse. Nash is a soccer player though, which means he is a veteran flopper- like the 3-peat Lakers. How Ginobli can be lampooned for flopping and Nash go completely UNMENTIONED is beyond me.

Seriously. Nash flopped big time and it led to his teammates jumping off the bench. It was Nash's fault for over reacting. Horry was just trying to draw a charge and he went all over dramatic. So Suns fans, start blaming Nash instead of Horry. Be objective and watch the replay. Nash flopped. Get over it.
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