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I don't mind Wally, but he shouldn't be a main option on offense. He should be what he is.. a spot up shooter.

There is no such thing as a high percentage chucker.

Hyperthetical Scenario:

I come into the NBA, in my rookie season I make 70% of my shots from anywhere. Guarded or unguarded. I am therefore the best option on the team, my shot has a very high percentage of going in. If I take 40 shots a game, am I a chucker?

Basically you want the guy that shoots a high percentage taking more shots than idiots like Sprewell or Olowokandi.

Wogi you are wrong on two counts:

1- You say that Wally is a bad passer. Wrong he is great at ball movement. A very underrated passer.

2- And he does play D, he's just not that good at it. He has slow lateral movement and doesnt antcipate steals well. He does however play decent post defense on wings posting.

I could rip on some Spurs pretty badly.

Tony Parker:

1. No BB IQ
2. Madator defense
3. No jumpshot
4. Average passer
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