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Default Re: Your first jersey?

I forgot, I also had that atrocious blue - green stallion Pistons jersey for Grant Hill. Think that was like 1996 - 1997. Same year I got that sick Black w/ Red pin-stripe #23 Jordan jersey. They had re-surgance and everyone in my hometown was going crazy ... and @ the time I was living in Dallas, TX ... so when I came home on Winter Break, I had to get one when I went to Niketown.

My most prized jersey is a 1994 - 1995 Rookie, signed, GAME WORN Jason Kidd jersey that he gave me.

My dad's boss was next door neighbor w/ some influential people and he introduced me to Jason Kidd and we hung out for a full day. Kid ended up becomming a friend of the family and he got me to be a ball boy for the Mavs until he left. And btw, there is every bit of truth to the rumor that him and Jim Jackson fueded over Celine Dion. LMAO ...

The only other way I'd ever get a basketball jersey again (and it would have to be authentic) ... would be if KB came to the Bulls. I'd get an authentic home and away jersey if he made the Windy City is home. Till then, you won't catch me in a basketball jersey. They're not that comfortable to wear. I much prefer a baseball or football jersey to wear as fashionable lounging gear ...
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