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Let's see, a team that has only one real consistent player and nothing really or a team that has 3 consistent starts(Cassell, Brand, Maggette) with two players who, when consistent, are extremelly good. Clippers will win 50+ and battle for the Pacific Title and a top 5 Seed while Lakers will be battling for the 7th|8th seed. Let's go position by position on the depth chart, should we?

PG: Cassell|Livingston >>>>> Smush|Williams|Farmar.
Cassell alone dominates the Lakers 3 "PG's" and then you throw in Livingston, enough said.

SG: Mobley|Ewing|Diaz <<<<< Kobe|Wafer
Only real advantage

SF: Ross|Maggette >>> Odom|Walton
Ross will have improved on his J this offseason and Maggette will be healthy, going back into the top 5 of total FT's in the whole season and FT Attempts per game. Odom won't improve much and don't say he finally woke up against Phoenix because Phoenix is just a running team.

PF: Brand|Singleton|Tim Thomas >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vlad Rad|Turiaf.
Elton Brand, enough said. Brand will eat up Radmanovic 24|7.

CE: Kaman|Davis|Rebraca|N;Dong >>> Brown|Mihm|Bynum
No need to explain.
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