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I saw that video. Tyreke Evans is terrific. I heard that some of the UNC fans on the InsideCarolina board said he looked like only a jump shooter and wasn't much beyond that. If true...I don't know what the hell they're talking about. He absolutely looks like held his own with Rose and EJ from what I saw.

Another thread about Gordon and Rose.
No, they've been threads about the two biggest AAU tourneys of the summer. Maybe I'd have posted something different if I wasn't an Illinois fan, so if there's something Kansas-related you wanna talk about, then by all means. Post something.

But aside from that, it isn't my fault that those two teaming up has been the biggest story of the summer basketball circuit. Whether or not it means anything about Rose's college choice, I guess we'll see, but even if he doesn't go to Illinois those two are still a huge story this summer.
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