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Yup but I worked my ass off to get it one summer. In NY there are literally parks everywhere so from 12-9 I balled/biked all day. That was my prime summer. I was going into my junior year and there was no way I was going to let the new kids on varsity take my starting spot (I played vars sophmore year but wasnt a starter since the SG was a senior who beat my ass daily). After a month of intense training I decided why dont I try to touch rim and I touched it. I had no idea I had bounce like that because during the season I could just clap. By October I was throwing it down.

What a summer

But believe me I really really worked hard for it. Like at least 25-35 miles a day. I probably switched parks 6-7 times throughout the day. Alternating to parks where I can get good games, and parks where I could just practice by myself.

Also stopped smoking. At night I would just drink or pop stupid shit with my un athletic boys
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