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Channing Frye is a pretty safe bet right now and should be in line to be the starting PF for the Trailblazers and get at least 30mpg. While both Aldridge and McRoberts can play power forward, Frye is better than McRoberts right now and Aldridge played his best games at center last season.
If Pryzbilia comes back strong from last year's injury plagued season, you could see Aldridge playing minutes at power forward but I think that hurts McRoberts's opportunity for minutes more than Frye.

Eddy Curry is a fantasy black hole. He hurts most teams more than he helps them and is never a good pick unless your team has punted FT% and maybe turnovers. I do, however, think that Randolph's presence will hurt Curry's production more than Curry will hurt Randolph's.

Rafer's looking like the odd man out in Houston. The Rockets wanted Mike James last season after his breakout year with the Raptors but he signed with the Wolves. The finally were able to acquire him this season and I feel like he's going to be the Rockets' starting point guard this season. Moreover they drafted a great young point guard in Aaron Brooks and he went off in summer league. I can't help but think they are going to find minutes for him this season. Rafer's been a good fantasy option for the past few seasons but he's just had too many off the court issues. At best, I think he will be relegated to back up role this season if he is not traded and at worst, he will rarely get off the bench. From what I hear, the plan is for Steve Francis to be used primarily as a shooting guard this season.

Zo should still be good for blocks and should be really valuable for those 20 games or so that Shaq goes down for this season.
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