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Default Re: Playing in the post, back to the basket as a PG

Originally Posted by tragicbronson
Is there anybody else who is undesized but love to do things big guys do, usually it's the other way around.

I am 5'10'' but i usually get a plenty of rebounds just by boxing out and hustle. Usually players my size are great shooters because you need to have that in order to be a treat with that size but i am such a bad shooter from outside that i shoot like 1-2 of them per game and only if i am completely open instead i get most of my points from midrange, floaters, layups, people also admire my post up game. I always loved watching big guys like hakeem duncan etc and tried to copy that so i can score hooks over bigger people with ease, can do spins, up and unders, fadeaways, i don't get many points cause i really love to pass, but this is the way i get them.

My stats would be like 10-12 points 5-7 rebounds 5-6 assists and around 2 steals, people really respect my defense and everywhere i've played i always guarded the best opposite player but really has unconsistent shoot from outside, tried to work on it but never managed to become a successful shooter from downtown.

So i wanted to ask, am i the only one ?
we got the same game bro. footwork around the bucket, using shoulders and elbows to supplement position, baby hooks and up and unders and the rest. so much more fun! and it's better than being reggie miller because if you have a strong center of gravity, you can still be lazy as fk

you got a midrange game?
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