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Default Re: Need a clutch shooting game? Play seven.

Well depends. A lot of guys just waste time using it for laid back shooting on their own. You have to work to improve... Practise crossovers, tempo, arms and legs getting tired from shooting. What I hate is guys who can barely dribble but always dribble a lazy between-the-legs before shooting a jumpshot. It translates to precisely nothing on the court. Make sure you're not one of them... at least do tempo hook shots from under the basket without bringing the ball down, that's hard.

Yeah well it's easy to see who went to bball school and who haven't when watching a jumper. It's a mess if they haven't, and it's very rigid, straight-up and inflexible if they have. Schooled ones make the open set shots with incredible accuracy, though. I played with like 60+ year old former pros, silver hair and looking like a skeleton. You leave them open it's money all the time, but they can't adjust mid-air however. That's what shooting for a living is, I guess...

this is me shooting:

I'm from Lithuania, you?
yeah i'm lazy working on my game. i put in my work at an early age. now i can be competitive against pretty much anybody, which is good enough for me. i'd rather pass the ball and play lockdown d anyway haha

i dunno though certain hesitation moves lead me into a jumper that will almost always go in. not necessarily through the legs, but something like this.

except i only do it with my left. sometimes its a bit of a carry but w/e

you've got good form. i should put together something like that. i don't even think i know what my jumper looks like

i live in canada
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