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Default Re: Playing in the post, back to the basket as a PG

Originally Posted by RidonKs
we got the same game bro. footwork around the bucket, using shoulders and elbows to supplement position, baby hooks and up and unders and the rest. so much more fun! and it's better than being reggie miller because if you have a strong center of gravity, you can still be lazy as fk

you got a midrange game?

A really good one, atleast people say so, it's amazing how easily i score from midrange but i am not really skilled nor interested in shooting from the 3 point line. But midrange game is where i excel, usually i just wait for a big guy to set me a pick so that i get a bit of space and that's just enough for me to score, i can also pull up, score after dribbling, stop and pop, and people bite my pump fakes so much that it sometimes surprise me, so i just get into their body and draw a foul or just use it to get more space to get an open shot.
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