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for the nets to advance to the finals, one thing MUST be done,
THe nets have easily the worst player in the league in Jason Collins, not to mention he is a starter!!
Jason Collins is indeed the most inefficient player to ever step foot on Nba grounds....
look at his numbers, he averages nearly 30 miinutes per game, shoots 39% from the field 50 % from the ft line, 3 pts 4 reb 1 assist 1 TO and 4 fouls per game!!!!!
guys who play 5-10 minutes average much better than that,
my point is that, if the nets wish to win the ship one day, they MUST and i repeat MUST either unload Jason Collins and send him to the Z-League, or pick up a quality big man in the offseason.
I hope Rod Thorn, Ed Stefanski, or Lawrence Frank read this b/c theyre not going anywhere until the advice above is taken
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