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Someone actually thinks Sheldon will average 14/9 as a rookie? that is hilarious. It's like the Toronto Raptor msg. board where guys think Fred Jones will be an all star.

Wouldn't they have been WAY better off with Foye? They would have the sickest young back court with Foye/JJ with Marvin, Josh Smith and Zaza for now. They have Salim and Childress off the bench.....very solid.

Then next year, they draft their big man b/c the lottery will be LOADED with bigs. Add Noah to that lineup and in a year or two of growth you have a legit contending team. Now, they will be lottery and go big anyway because they still need help up front....and they won't have Foye. Just doesn't make sense. YOu need to start Marvin and Josh at 3/4 or 4/3. So that means you need a 5. What if you draft Noah next year. Either him or Sheldon won't start....and you'll have injury prone speedy as your PG. Hawks fans yet again will be wondering 'what if' you suffer with one of the mose inept GMs in the biz.
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