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Default Re: Have you ever been on fire?

I haven't played ball in a long ass time, a year, maybe? Been busy. But, damn, I didn't think I would perform as well as I thought. They didn't really play tough D, but when they did -- I bodied them down low. I thought I'd make stupid mistakes, but no, I dished out beautiful passes. I thought I'd look goofy, but no, my instincts kicked in.

It was one of those things where you'd pull off a certain move but your body doesn't react to it or doesn't want to do it (not ready for the move anymore/yet). I guess that's what they call ring rust in basketball. Holy shit, I never really felt that before until today. You try to pull off a certain move, but you just can't, it's like you forgot how to do it but you know you can do it. I'm not talking about a certain specific move to name, but, you know you did it before, it just hasn't kicked in, it felt awkward. Sorry for repeating it over and over again, I just had to express myself. Lol

I don't know if this is common, but I lost a step with my underhand layup, I didn't know when to takeoff. AHAHHAHA f*ck that was a mess.

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