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Default Re: Have you ever been on fire?

Originally Posted by TylerOO
Earlier this summer

Big dude who looked like Terry Crews running his mouth all game. Wasn't very good but he was just so much bigger than they dude covering him so he got all the ****ing rebounds and shit. Miss a shot, rebound, miss a shot, rebound, then score, that type of guy. We lost the game.

Ran that shit back right fast. Game to 15.

I hit my first 3 top of the arc. Then another from the wing.

Whenever I hit two in a row, Im pulling up next play from 3 feet behind the line, IDGAF. I hit it. 3 in a row, nothing special for me to be honest. Score is 6 to something, I dont remember what they had but it was probably like 2. Im in the zone brahs. I rebound, Im not passing until I miss . From 5 feet behind the line... BANG. Score is 8-something. We get a stop and my boy scores a layup. 9-something.

They score, lets say 9-4. I bring the ball up, pull up and you guessed it...BANG! 11-4 and Im ****ing 5-5 from 3. Last few not no ****ing Mario Chalmers spot up 3's, these are straight Kobe/LeBron heat checks. Im feeling like a god.

Now the opposing team starts yelling at eachother to "play some ****ing D!". Dude guarding me is saying how Im pulling up from so far, that there's really nothing he can do.

Next play Im bringing the ball up and cross half court. I just sprint towards my right and hit a fading 3. Think of Kobe's gamewinner vs the Suns but from 3.

Im playing the best I've ever played in my life. BANG BANG. I seriously felt like LeBron ****ing James.

We got 13 points, they got something like 5 or 6. They miss a 3, I grab that ****ing rebound. Im in full out god mode and Im just thinking about pulling the biggest heat check of my life

I take a step inside half court and just pull up, why not Im ****ing 6-6 and scorching hot. Felt like I'm in some other world.

Well from one step inside half court, retarded ass shot, but BANGGGG. I hit it!

GAME. Terry Crews is real quiet. Now his teammates all start yelling at eachother. A couple of my boys was on they team, saying how "Tyler's a problem!" LMAO

Probably the best game of my life.

After a game like, you'd better have fvked every bitch within a 10 mile radius.
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