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Default Re: Have you ever been on fire?

Originally Posted by RidonKs
ray allen is a bum. i've finally begun to admire his rigid mechanical flick but it ain't beautiful. klay thompson is the exact same.

gimme kobe for the contortion and flaring of his body any day. or so many others. gerald green has a nice jumper. dermarr derozen does if he's moving in just the right direction at just the right angle with just enough room. plus i like unconventional shots like pierce and zbo and steve nash. i used to have good imitations of antoine walker and allen iverson

hedo turkoglu

lulz only reason I like him is cuz He Got Game and my alma mater bruh. same with Rip Hamilton the cardio bunny, and Rudy Gay.

now that we've evolved from silly tribal stuff let's give due credit to

JJ REDICK for the loveliness of his form

And Hedo has to be releasing from nearly 8.5 feet above the ground. Unreal. with even more arc. A block on him should be worth 3
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