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Default Re: Georgios Papagiannis 7'2" 18 Year Old Greek Center - #1 Pick In 2016 NBA Draft

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Better than Giannis then. At the same time before his draft year, not a single draft site in the USA had even heard who Giannis Antetokounmpo even was.

And when I brought up his name here in this forum, you laughed and mocked me for that one too and also said he was a joke and would never be drafted (and yes, I know it was you under one of your troll aliases here).

Yeah, you are a real genius. I bet your IQ is in the high 50s range.
Uhhh nope. Giannis at 18 was selected just 1 pick outside of the lottery. Papashitsaurus at 18 isn't even on the board on the two biggest draft sites, and is ranked 44th on another

And I never once denied Giannis' greatness. I have been watching Euroleague ball for over 30 years and have long maintained Giannis is the greatest Euroleague prospect I've ever seen. Disrespect my knowledge again you WILL face the consequences.

Giannis is better than Spanoulis ever was, and Papagiannis is a dogshit basketball player who will be lucky to get drafted, let alone have a decent career in the NBA.
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