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Default Re: Georgios Papagiannis 7'2" 18 Year Old Greek Center - #1 Pick In 2016 NBA Draft

Originally Posted by Milbuck
And yet he went 15th in the draft, whereas Papagiannis is projected to go UNDRAFTED

Giannis is better than Spanoulis ever was and Papagiannis ever will be. Accept it. The greatest player in your favorite league's history is a 20 year old in the NBA. Straight up shat on the Euroleague in his mid teens and promptly left to go pro when he became a legal adult.

Projected by the people that run sites that are paid for by ad revenue and by sports agencies representing the other players on the mods you idiot.

Not projected by the actual NBA you retarded redneck.

The bold part, as usual, is part of your endless non-stop lying.
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