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Default Re: Pistons Move Over

Here's what I threw on the Nuggets message board, but I'm not sure if I'll get a response. Of course, we could leave Dupree off that trade if necessary because it still fits within the CBA rules. They'd end up releasing Hunter (probably), and he'd come back and coach. We'd then sign Webber, who's just waiting for a roster spot. Samb, Meija, and Dupree could all stay on the practice squad, with the first two in the DL for most of the year.

PG: Billups/Stuckey/Meija
SG: Hamilton/Afflalo/Hayes
SF: Prince/Hayes/Dupree
PF: Wallace/Maxiell/Johnson
C: Webber/McDyess/Samb

Hmm... Still leaves an open roster spot. Might be good to sign Dale Davis too, in case we need to body up with the big centers in the east, like Shaq, Curry, and Ilgauskus.

No thoughts? How about I get the ball rolling:

From Detroit:
Flip Murray (expirer, scoring combo guard)
Nazr Mohammed (center replacement at half the price)
Lindsey Hunter (expirer)
Ronald Dupree (expirer)
2008 1st round pick
Cash (to pay for the release of anything you don't want)

From Denver:
Marcus Camby

This seriously reduces the payroll of Denver for the next 3-4 years and gives a (late) first round pick as compensation. Mohammed fits your system pretty well, and opens minutes for Nene and the returning Martin. Not to mention it gives Detroit a Ben Wallace replacement as the help defender that has been severely lacking.

From one D-town to another, hope to see you in the Finals!


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