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Default Re: An early glimpse at training camp

Ok im back.I got good news and bad news.The good news.The scrimmage looked good from the start.Conley jr drove the lane pulled defenders then led pau to the lane with a sweet dish.Pau looked like the old pau except.His ball handling has really improved and his shot release is quicker.He drained a few jumpers and had a few dunks.Miller was himself he missed a couple of long threes before draining one.Warrik looked quick as usual.He blocked a few shots.Rudy's jumper looked good.He had a ferocious slam.His head almost hit the rim.Casey jacobson was lights out.He hit like a five threes.He will be a big help.Kinsey looked bad.Swift was ok.Cardinal was bad.Juan carlos crossed up a few people.He hit pau with a nice pass.And did his floater.He looked a little lost at times but overall looked good.Damon stoudamire looked great.His shot was great.He drove the lane with quickness.He made conley look bad almost routinely.He wore down at the end.But expect a good 20 minutes from him.Darko looked tough he had a nice hook shot he is a little slow but a huge improvement over tsakalidis.Meaning has that size but is alot better.Now the bad news mike conley pulled a muscle in his left leg trying to drive.They ended the srimmage early for this.Also kyle lowry did not play probably due to injury.Are two promising points are injured.Or so it seems.Hopefully its not serious.
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