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Default Re: NBA 2k8 anything about the game

Originally Posted by Richie2k6
"Missing layups is good for one thing - turning your fans against you."
- Kenny Smith, Crappy NBA 2k7 Commentary

Some random facts I've dug up about the PS2 version for any of you that care:

- Raptors don't have their new home jerseys
- Carmelo lost his signature shot and only has a normal jumper now, for some reason
- Apparently many new sig shots have been added
- There are now signature dunks
- No roles in Association mode
- No dunk contest
- No 3 point contest
- No 2k7
- No Hot Zones
- Iverson's stupid sig shot is still there
- Nash still has long hair
- The gameplay pretty much hasn't changed at all
- AI is a bit smarter
- Mike Miller now has long hair
- Association mode hasn't changed, pretty much at all
- Create a player is still terrible
- Wade still has generic shoes, like the 360 version (2k doesn't have a license with Converse to use the shoe, same with Bosh, etc)
- Can't change a bunch of player shoes
- Can't change player positions

Makes me be ashamed to be a PS2 owner.

Pretty dissapointing.... I played the Xbox 360 version at Bestbuy though and that thing is amazing from the graphics to the game play to the new post moves you can do. I hope the PS3 version is as good as the Xbox one because Im getting my ps3 tommorow
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