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Default Re: Russia 93 - Michigan State 75: ISH Trolls Exposed Again

Originally Posted by Euroleague
95+% of this forum claims that any NCAA team could beat ANY European team.

The claim has been made THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of times here.

And when Coach Nick makes videos making similar claims, threads are started here about him, and it is cited as "proof" that a "basketball expert" is "just telling the truth" and "laying out the facts".

Also, if ANYONE EVER DARES to argue with the assertion that NCAA teams are better than any European teams, they are instantly gang attacked by throngs of trolls here, and called a "liar, lunatic, insane, troll, Euro ******, Euro trash, Euro scum, bigot, racist, idiot, moron, etc."

European teams, not national teams. Big difference between and national team and a euroleague team
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