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Default Re: Russia 93 - Michigan State 75: ISH Trolls Exposed Again

Originally Posted by Euroleague


The opponent was Michigan State, and Russia didnít have an issue teaching the young guys a lesson. The Russian national team got the 93-75 win in a preparation game in Trieste, Italy.

Nikita Kurbanov had 16 points, while the duo of Fridzon and Vorontsevich added 14 points each, and the unit of coach Pashutin had an easy night. Denzel Valentine had 21 points for the losing side, which tried to stay close but couldnít. Russia had a 32-13 lead in the first quarter and the game was over.

Box Score:

Oh yeah, but according to 95+% of the NBA only fan TROLLS in this site, "NCAA college basketball is a vastly superior level as compared to European basketball".

And in case the trolls try to get out of this one, Russia is missing most of their best players - no Shved, no Mozgov, no Karasev, and some others, and so far in their prep games this summer they have played pretty bad and lost most of their games to the other European teams they played against.

They also basically only played their top unit half the game, and used the second line players mostly after the first quarter.

I will be sending this also to that MEGA TROLL "Coach Nick", that has made 3 different videos in which he claimed that the top 2 teams in the Euroleague are "about the same level as the average mid major NCAA team", and that also trolls in this site.

1-Its summer MSU hasn't been practicing and isn't allowed to practice until October.

2-They played over 15 players during the game and 10 played extended minutes.

This was more a controlled scrimmage than a game, and the fact you are excited about it is sad.
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