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Default Re: Russia 93 - Michigan State 75: ISH Trolls Exposed Again

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Yeah, because a school like Michigan State, which is one of the biggest programs in all of USA, only gets players from Michigan to play for them...........

Evidently, you are under the impression that my IQ is as low as yours.

And if you are going to play this kind of ridiculous troll, then how come USA only beat Lithuania by 5 points at the 2012 Olympics?

Strange, how a country with a population of 315 million (USA), only beat a country with a population of 3 million (Lithuania) by 5 points........

Your trolling skills are extremely weak.

more than half of the squad is from michigan. the rest are from neighboring midwest states. they also have rules about offseason practices, and as such have not practiced together.
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