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Default Re: Russia 93 - Michigan State 75: ISH Trolls Exposed Again

Originally Posted by stalkerforlife
It isn't about the "teams." It's about the players on the court and on the team that black ball certain races. If the coaches and management give in and let the white guys shine, the team around him will collapse and you'll never get an explanation as to why. Blacks want this sport for themselves and they feel entitled to it and they will protect it with a secret brotherhood.

Have you never played even pickup basketball? This shit is an underlying racist brotherhood.

I'm a white guy with 2 black roommates and I played pick up 4 times last week.
You are pulling this shit straight out of your ass.
I remember when I was 5 years old and afraid of black folks most of us grow out of it.

Give me an example of a team collapsing because of "white guys shine"
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