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Originally Posted by PacerRaptor
so guys what do you guys think of the Pacers new line up as of so far?? who knows Walsh and Bird might still have a few more trades they're working with


I like the philosophy behind it. They are certainly capitalizing on the trend around the league...and perhaps taking it to an extreme. All the new guys are a hybrid....few prototypical position types. And it will certainly provide some insurance in the event of injuries. BUT I think we still need to make another move. I think Sarunas might be gone soon....and hopefully for a pure shooter. Obviously a big who can score would be nice...but then why not just wish for Bird to find the fountain of youth.

I am keeping my expectations low...that way there is only upside. One thing I WILL that I am not going to underestimate Walsh or Bird...they've done good by us so far.
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