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Originally Posted by jjswifty
F*** Marbury,Dolan,and Thomas. Theyre ruining the knicks. This has to stop. This aint even funny anymore. I am not tuning in to anymore games this season, nor am i buying anything associated with knicks/msg/cablevision.

Marbury is a cancer. If hes so great, how come nobody wants him? First, Thomas gets traded, then LB fired and now Frazier. Who does he think he is??
marbury is by far the worst head case ever . he is to the knicks what terrell owens was to the 49ers, and eagels. this guy thinks he the best pg in leauge. this dude can't even respect one of the greats in new york "clyde".marbury until he shows me something in this city is just not worth talking about anymore.
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