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Default Re: Cardio/Energy issues

Originally Posted by sundizz
It's a pure myth that you need that much protein per day. 90% of the world doesn't eat like that. Only misguided weekend warriors.

Egyptian slaves would laugh at the workouts and food you eat. Thinking that excess exercise/eating is actually healthy for you. Enjoy your old age with no mobility and early death.

The contemporary thinking among body builders and elite athletes is 1g per lb/day. For actual "weekend warriors" 0.75g is enough. If youre an active young man playing sports several times a week & lifting weights, then you need extra protein & rest (i.e. sleep) to recover your body. Your organs, joints, CNS, muscles, tendons, etc are all taxed after a heavy session of weights or basketball. This is why it is extremely important to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet that is high in protein while getting atleast 7 hours of sleep. While you may think the protein requirement is just a myth perpetuated by protein companies, how does that explain the fact that most of the athletic world agrees and swears by this principle?

135g of protein is definitely doable on a vegan diet. Doable, but it wont be easy.
1 protein shake is 30g which is already like 1/4th of your requirement.
The remaining 100g is the hard part. I guess youll have to eat lots of beans or some shit. Is there any reason you are vegan, OP? Have you considered vegetarian instead?

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