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Default Re: Russia 93 - Michigan State 75

Originally Posted by outbreak
The people saying div 2 teams are higher quality than euroleague are trolling you and you know that.

Some top tier college teams could give euroleague teams a run for their money but at the end of the day it is still kids playing against grown professionals and unless a team is one of those super stacked classes with multiple NBA level talents going against a lower rated euro team they will likely lose.

If you think that college teams can easily beat european teams than why doesn't ever college player who doesn't make it to the NBA dominate in europe? Sure some do but a lot of them become role players in the euroleague or get stuck in the lower divisions and regional leagues.

None do actually. Maybe like 25-30 years ago some did, but today, NONE do.

You have Euroleague confused with the Chinese Basketball Association.
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