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Well now with denver pursuing KVH there's a rumor of Damp and KVH for Kmart, salaries work out assuming that kvh is signing for 2-3M. It also makes sense for denver since they lost ellison to the spurs. Their only big are now Camby, Nene, and Kmart, so a 2-for-1 might be right up there alley.

And just for entertainment purposes lets think about what the roster woudl look like with that Kmart deal goin through and the AI suggestion. (putting him at SG like terry is going to play this year). Net both deals would only cost us what we have left of the MLE and the LLE to sign KVH at about 20% of his previous contract, and George at the vet min as has been reported.

PG - Harris/AJ
SG - AI/Buck/Ager
SF - Howard/George
PF - Dirk/Croshere
C - KMart/Diop/M'Benga

(I'd imagine us starting with a smaller line up if we did trade damp for Kmart, in an attempt to set tempo)

and for fun here is a trade ID to prove the deal could work with the contracts they currently have; however since terry isn't on there yet and KVH isn't with the team right now, I had to use comparable contracts (croshere = terry & buck = KVH). Just go to and plug in the trade ID "3307652" if you are curious. And again let me say, this is just for fun, lets not go and flip out because this is rediculous.

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