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iideal for the raptors is to trade the #1 (and maybe 35 and 56)to chicago (to guarentee they get aldridge) for their #2 and #16, that way they dont have all the spotlight on rudy being #1 and with #16 they can get themselves a servicable back up cnetre or PG (armstrong, simmons, or rondo, lowry or rodreiguez)

ideally "the spanish steve nash"


calderon / rodrieguez / jay williams
Peterson / Gay
Villy / Graham
Bosh / Bonner
Free Agnet / Sow / Araujo

ideally pryzibla or nene

or go with armstrong

calderon / jay willaims
peterson / gay
chalrie v / graham
bosh / bonner / sow
pryzibla / armstrong / aruajo

also be quite felxible with ukic and slokar and providing we dont spend too much on pryzibla (no more than $8 million a season) we should still have a fair amount of cap space

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