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Default Re: Kevin Durant Overated

With all due respect you sir have no idea WTF you are talking about. Its bad enough all you are doing is flaming this board but to post such nonsense with no stats or reasons is plain foolish. Having lived in Maryland during Durant's senior year at Montrose Christian (Rockville, MD) and watching him on more than 1 occasion I can tell you that barring an injury or unforseen circumstance KD is a lock to be the best Sonic in the franchise's storied history. And I hope that Seattle builds the damn arena for the Sonics because this kid alone can have that building sold out for the next 10-15 years. Unlike Garnett, Durant will have an impact and be a star from game #1 as a pro.

And to make matters worse your Avatar is a pic of Sebastian Telfair? You wanna talk about over rated.........

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