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Default Re: Lay ups and euro step

dunno if anyone mentioned the mikan drill but its simple enough. stand under the bucket closer to the baseline than not, facing the rest of the court, and throw up layups back and forth one hand after the other. u can also turn and face the baseline which will force u to adjust ur english

i dunno how to practise a euro step but in the last few years since its gotten so much play in the nba i've somehow incorporated it into my fast break game

if u get some speed from halfcourt and drive down the middle, imo u try to accelerate at about the ft line... u make that move leaning left or right. take one more dribble, pick up the ball as you plant ur inside foot, then slow ur momentum, bring ur outside foot across ur body, and that changes ur direction

the trick is be able to finish with either hand like somebody said, but even more importantly off either foot. it can be hard to tell how the defender will react to a eurostep, which means u gotta be willing to adapt it mid-move and change ur finish to accommodate
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