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Default Jerry Krause

This guy was a great front office guy in the league. He didn't draft MJ, but he built perfect teams around him. He recognized kukoc, he pulled off highway robbery stealing rodman from SA, he found defensive players who could shoot (are there any of these anymore).

I know he was loathed by the players and (unfairly) blamed for the failures of the first 2 rebuilding efforts by the bulls....but now, apparently, he is a freaking scout for the Mets.

What a collossal waste. In a league, like the NBA, where 75% of the GM's are really bad, how does Krause not have a job?

The only GM's I'd rather have than Krause are Buford, Thorn, Colangelo, Nelson, Dumars and Grunfeld -- and Nelson and Grunfeld are only there because they are more current. Only really Buford, Thorn and Dumars can somewhat reflect Krause's accomplishments.

My appeal to Charles Dolan - take over, kick out James, Kick out IT and bring us Jerry Krause.
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